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The effects of coronavirus:-

See under Investment Outlook for effects on investments and potential outcomes.

See  under Our Latest Newsletters for grants and assistance available during the crisis.

The Brexit Agreement: see under Newsletters for a brief synopsis.

OUR PRIVACY STATEMENT & POLICY: click on the tab above under home for details about how we protect your privacy.

PENSION FREEDOM & CHOICE - there have been fundamental changes to the way you can take your pension benefits, as well as some changes to ISAs. Contact us for our guide "Pension Freedom & Choice" , or click the pensions tab and look at the new flexible way you can take benefits under the "Options on Taking Benefits".

BUDGET AND RECENT TAX CHANGES - see our analysis under the menu tab

STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY - see our investment outlook

INDEPENDENT ADVICE:  With finances and financial planning becoming ever more complicated, there has never been a better time to take advice from experts you can trust. We:-

  • are independent financial advisers
  • work closely with you to meet your needs
  • aim to ensure your financial planning goals are met in the most effective way
  • take account of your existing plans, and
  • provide an ongoing service and information back-up to keep you abreast of your plans and developments in the market. See our SERVICES PAGE for more information.

From January 2013, advisers need to declare whether they are offering INDPENDENT advice or Restricted advice. We are pleased to confirm that we shall continue to offer our customers INDEPENDENT ADVICE. This means that:-

  1. We shall consider all investment options for you, free of restriction or bias, and make personal recommendations to you without limitation of advice, following a comprehensive and fair analysis.
  2. Ensure that the cost of our advisory services are clear and transparent, available through either adviser charging or direct fee.
  3. We can provide you with a Statement of Professional Standing, which provides independent evidence that our adviser John Perry meets the new, higher, professional standards required by the Financial Conduct Authority, including adherence to a code of ethics, a minimum qualification level, and enhanced requirements to maintain our knowledge and skills up to date.

Contact John Perry for further details on 0121 745 3211, or email on jspfs@tiscali.co.uk, or contact us via the enquiries section by clicking the "home" page above.


CASH ISAs - check latest rates for new ISAs and existing Cash ISAs - email us for latest details and rates

STOCKS & SHARES ISAs: For our latest recommendations and offer details, contact John Perry on 0121 745 3211 or e.mail us through the enquiries section

FAVOURED FUNDS FOR 2021: contact us for details of our favoured funds across the main asset classes.

PENSION PLANNING: Portfolio Pensions and Self Invested Personal Pensions offer a very wide investment choice with control - request our Guide.

INVESTMENT NEWS: Low bank rates and a volatile stock market. Where to go for income or growth? 

Please read our Client Agreement and KeyFacts About Our Services And Costs before conducting any business. These can be found in the "About Us" section of the website. 

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